This page contains little projects that I’ve made, that you might be interested in looking at.


A push-button sound-based multi-user chatroom, perfect for reacting in online meetings without having to come off mute.

Link to Soundroom


An implementation of Webmentions, a web standard for mentions and conversations across the web, which is used for posts on this website. If you have posted something in response to one of my posts, please mention me.

Link to Webmention


A DIY page view logger, built with Azure Functions and Azure Table Storage, that records the pathname and referrer of all page views on your website. This is ideal for static websites like blogs, and where you are concerned about the privacy of more sophisticated tools like Google Analytics.

Link to Logs


A simple web server for serving static GitHub Pages locally, to test before deploying. I use it for testing this website.

Link to ghp


A client-side password generator. Use a single master passphrase and a per-app salt (e.g. the app name or domain name) to consistently generate random passwords. If you need to tweak the length or character set, add ?custom.

Link to ●●●●●●●●

Mortgage Calculator

A simple mortgage repayment calculator that can handle fixed-term and fixed-repayment loans.

Link to Mortgage Calculator


A simple webapp for rendering Markdown gists as slidedecks.

Link to Slidedown


Keep track of all your todos without getting overwhelmed—put them in buckets. When you create new tasks, they go into your inbox. From there, you move them into the other buckets, depending on when you intend to do them. There are buckets for today, this week, this month, this year, and some day.

Your tasks are stored in your browser’s local storage, and can easily be synced to your other devices by sharing a URL or export/import, so they’re available everywhere and they can never be taken away from you.

Link to Bucket


A HTML Canvas-based playground of bouncing balls that can make all sorts of interesting patterns. Play around with the various inputs and see what you can make with it.

Link to Canvas


An in-browser Lambda Calculus editor and evaluator.

Link to Lambda